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4 foods to boost your immune system

Along with your daily routine, you should think about the importance of maintaining good habits to improve your health, performance and even your mood.

If you think long-term, establishing a routine of exercises, enough sleep, keeping hydrated and eating healthy may help you maintain an energetic lifestyle at your job, with your family or anywhere. And food plays an important role in giving your immune system what it needs in order to beat fatigue, increase your energy levels and prevent diseases.

“My father used to say: health comes through your mouth and age comes through your legs,” says Rickson Gracie. Based on that, this article will bring you the best types of food to boost your health.

Some foods are excellent sources of nutrients, able to improve your digestion and keep fatigue away, helping you to feel energized and ready to face anything during your daily routine.

Check out the 4 foods Master Rickson Gracie likes the most to keep up:

  1. Bee pollen: this dietary supplement works as an antioxidant, which helps strengthen your immune system, relieving inflammation and facilitating healing. It is also helpful for liver health and reducing stress.
  2. Spirulina: this is a powerful antioxidant with great anti-inflammatory properties, rich in many nutrients that can reduce blood pressure; it protects against “bad” cholesterol, and improves symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  3. Quinoa: rich in antioxidants, proteins and fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, decreasing risks of diabetes and heart diseases, also preventing damage to other organs, boosting your immune system.
  4. Sweet potato: rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, this vegetable provides you benefits such as enhancing your brain function, keeping your vision healthy, improving your digestion and boosting your immune system in general terms.

There are plenty of healthy foods rich in nutrients to help your body improve your immune system. Tell us: which one is your favorite?


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