4 ways to boost your health

 TL;DR: How do you imagine yourself in 5, 10 or 20 years? Your lifestyle and habits today are the keys that will open the doors to your future; and keeping a strong immune system will give you the strength you need to maintain your health and wellbeing over the years, especially in the current pandemic phase we’re living in.
In this article, Master Rickson Gracie will teach you how a simple diet change can boost your whole-body health and the top 4 healthy habits to improve your life.

How to boost your immune system

Learn what’s good for your health and how Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help you focus and achieve greater longevity:
  1. Breathing and Mindset: the first step to have an immunity boost is learning how to be conscious about your breathing. In the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons, Master Rickson Gracie teaches how breathing may help even when you’re in uncomfortable situations: "breathing can bring you, in an invisible way, a very powerful strength, calmness, focus and so on." 
When you start practicing breathing exercises in your daily life, you’ll feel how it can improve your performance and mindset: "anything has a rhythm and this rhythm has to be adapted to your lungs and then sent to your brain and heart for you to physically be strong, for you to mentally be sharp."
  1. Exercise regularly: there are many benefits you may earn from physical activities besides esthetics and de-stressing. Exercising as little as 30 minutes a day, from moderate to vigorous practices, helps stimulate your overall circulation, facilitating the immune cells and molecules to travel throughout your body, avoiding risks of infection or diseases. 
  2. Release the stress: Rickson Gracie says that it’s important to remember to keep what truly matters in mind, even when you find obstacles in your way: “be relaxed, try to go through your journey with the responsibility to just share what you have that's good, what you've learned, and give love to the people around you; and start to embrace being humble, being grateful for the things you get, and I think naturally you're gonna get there — not only a black-belt, but a great spirit.”
  3. Take care of your eating habits: how can eating healthy improve your life? For a start, your immune system needs to be nourished regularly to be healthy and strong to fight against infectious diseases. Avoid processed foods, sugar, which may harm your digestion and wellbeing, or anything that doesn’t have enough nutrients to provide the substances your body needs to be in good condition.

At ricksongracie.com, you’ll find an online training program that fits your needs, from breathing exercises to warm ups, bio gymnastics and the best of bjj, whether you’re a black belt, whether you’d never thought about training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 
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are there videos on bio gymnastics ? If not would love to see some!

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Yes, the empowerment program (a premium feature) has a lot of byo gymnastics.

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So true!

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