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A look at Rickson's warmup

What is the goal of warming up before a jiu-jitsu training session? As Rickson Gracie usually says, it's not enough just to warm up your muscles to increase your heart rate; you must warm up your body in an objective way, connected to the study of the art. 
"Indeed, if the student runs 1km before training, they will have their body warm to exercise. But they won't have done an efficient warmup, that is, one related to the moves they will perform over the following hour of training."
That's why Rickson prefers a warmup involving base, posture and self-defense fundamentals that move the whole body and get the student's muscles and brain activated. 
Moreover, with the warmup, Rickson tries to show the student how to work correctly with their breathing. The start of the class, therefore, must compel the student not to repeat the instructor's movement, but rather to feel the moves and begin experimenting with how their execution feels.  
Watch Rickson leading his students' warmup, and enjoy your training.