A practical lesson in connection in jiujitsu

Rickson Gracie is a teacher concerned with the most imperceptible details of jiujitsu—minutiae that can be related to positioning, space and time. 

In this lesson on self-defense, clinch and takedown, the master demonstrates in practice how one second of distraction can be fatal. The mistake may bring your opponent back on top of you, in a dangerous position. 

"It's crucial in this movement for you to quickly transfer your weight to the top of your opponent's chest," he details. "The secret for that is to not lose the connection to your opponent as soon as they touch the mat. That way, you use your body and your weight and, thus, leave your opponent without room to get up and get on top of you."

How about you? Do you not waste time or space when you train? Learn from Master Rickson, and take full advantage of your time on the mat. 


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