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Are you adaptable?

TL;DR: A person who is flexible has the ability to adapt to change, moving around obstacles and handling the unexpected in a much easier and softer way. 
In this article, you'll learn how to improve adaptability skills, using this ability's advantages to earn strength and face any challenge.

How does adaptability help us? 

Being adaptable is not only about embracing changes, but also about resilience, optimism and attitude, whether you're in a competitive business environment or dealing with problems at home.
  • Being adaptable allows you to find diverse solutions to any challenge;
  • You are open to an unlimited range of possibilities;
  • Remain positive when facing adversity;
  • Be comfortable while experimenting different strategies;
  • There is no right or wrong. Your mistakes become the validation to find better ways to succeed;
  • You have much more than a "plan A" or a "plan B," as soon as you realize that the whole alphabet can be your plan.
  • You get stronger, because you know that you are able to go around your obstacles.
To explain about the power of adaptability, Master Rickson Gracie uses a huge storm as an example, when the big hard trees don't have the flexibility to remain in a strong wind and fall, while the flexible trees that can bend are going to be saved by their ability to be flexible: "flexibility adapts you and will make you feel like you're unbreakable because you can bend."

So, how do you adapt to a rapidly changing environment?

We can easily compare life to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Sometimes you're at the top of your game; at other times you may be outside of your comfort zone, looking for the way to go back to your best. It can be challenging.
To help you learn to adapt, we selected some of the best techniques taught by Master Rickson Gracie:
  • Breathing: Rickson Gracie says that "breathing is essential to be alive and to be well." When you learn to be conscious of breathing, you learn to control your emotions and be calm despite any challenges.
  • Timing: "nothing happens if you lose timing," says Rickson. So, without perfect timing, you're not able to plan a trip, take a plane, or use any techniques.
  • Flow with the go: learn how to become adaptable to the changes and challenges within your life, as Master Rickson Gracie says: "jiu-jitsu is something that always gave me the sense of I don't have to be too strong, but I have to be flexible."

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