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Day 4: The ideal first week for a jiujitsu student

In the first week of contact with jiujitsu, there is always the absolutely normal beginner's curiosity: wonderful, I like it, everything is fine, but who really are those old men with the red belt on the wall above my teacher?

It all started with the Gracie family, in Brazil. They were Rickson's uncles, all brave fighters, and his father, Helio—the man who perfected the levers you are looking to repeat with calm and patience.

Helio Gracie was a very brave skinny man who even jumped off a ship in Brazil to save a drowning wretch in the middle of a shark-infested ocean. Once, the red-belt taught us:

"He who needs jiujitsu is the guy who is weak, terrified, insecure, defenseless. Can you imagine this guy being sure that he won't be hit, stabbed, stomped, punched, kicked, or headlocked? He learns to get out of any situation. His shyness disappears, he starts to believe in himself. It is like winning a million dollars from one day to the next. I have yet to meet a student who wants to sell, for any amount, what he learned from me. I created a vehicle to give people security. That's why I regret when teachers leave self-defense aside during classes."

So think about it. Never neglect self-defense techniques.

Below is a special class from Master Rickson for you.


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