Did someone mount on you? Do not panic! Learn how to be comfortable there

The first step of escaping from the mount consists in being comfortable there. You must be patient and stay calm because if you try to move desperately without knowing what to do, you will give your opponent many opportunities. 

During this class, watch how master Rickson teaches his students not to panic and find comfort when someone is on top of them.

"So, any point you want to move, you move freely to find yourself at the first basic position. If something happens and you cannot move, try to move Cássia. Try to move! I can't. Then do the UPA. Yeah, but do the UPA not by just lifting your hips. You want to roll. So, you want to go and use the move... yes! You want to come on top."
"So, now I want you to keep breathing and calm. Thank you, Cássia! So, she is already in the wrong position. I am very tight. I am not giving... yes! Yes. Okay, okay, that's good. Keep breathing, keep breathing, now if you feel, yes. Okay. I don't want the escape. I want comfort. Go. Yes."

"So, your intention is to keep your position here. If something goes wrong, you move. If I block you, you do this to keep moving. Yes. So, you want to be here. Stop! This hand is responsible for this side. The other hand is responsible for the other arm. Yes! Okay, that's good." 

"I just want to see you use your arms properly, keep your frame properly, and use your hips at will. Okay? Go! Good, good. Don't worry about escaping anymore. I want you just to breathe and keep safe. That's wrong! Yes. So, you don't want to do this. You want to keep it here. Yes. Alright, keep breathing."


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