Escaping the side headlock when the arm is trapped

The headlock is one of the most challenging positions to escape in jiu-jitsu, especially for beginners.

Take this class from master Rickson Gracie and learn the details you are missing to escape the headlock when your opponent is holding your arm.

"Alright, let's see a little bit about the escape from this arm and headlock."

"Different than a regular headlock, he is holding my arm to keep the position and also controlling my head. So it makes it harder for me to escape because I feel controlled."

"So in order for me to escape, I have to make a swing to bring the energy, to make him not comfortable and having to put the weight on me. So, the swing is something like that. I try to retract my arm and when he compensates for that energy, I have the perfect position for the throw."

"So, I will connect my hands here, and my motion will be lifting. As I lift my hip, I will be going that way. Here, to throw. So, the perfect timing will be the swing and the lift. And once I get here, I try to establish my position to escape."


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Wow Absolutely beautiful Sir ! Thank you

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