Had your posture broken? Rickson will save you

When you are inside someone's guard, you already know his primary goal: make your life miserable. Either to go for a sweep or a submission, he will try to break your posture most of the time. But what to do if you have your posture broken?

In the following class, learn from Rickson Gracie how to recover your posture inside your opponent's closed guard. He will show an efficient way to posture using leverage and body weight distribution.

Watch closely how master Rickson won't use strength while preserving his neck and back. He explains: 

"Wait, posture. Make me let go! Yes, yes. No, if you are too wide. Wide your legs open, wide open, you have no base. So, base again, no hands. Yes! It doesn't have to be under my legs, but it has to be in a position, yes! Stop, grab and push to the side. Grab my wrist, yes. Grab the hand and push against the fingers, not against the grip. Yes!" 

"Stay there. That's a good base for you. Stop, go. What is happening here? Talk to me. I am grabbing you, and you want to get a posture. And it is hard, I know. Almost, stop. So basically, you want to regain posture. If I grab you, you have to regain posture. To regain posture, you have to use something like a scale. Because when you grab me, grab me! If I just want to do power here, it is hard for me to lift, very hard. So I want to use body weight. So, my body goes forward and comes back here. Ok? So, instead of just trying to lift, I can even... let it go, let it go. Have my hands here, no matter what. Hug me. So, what makes me stand up is not my hands on the floor. It is my position here. Once I get here, if I sit, you can go, put your hand on the floor, put your foot on the floor, and mount, mount, mount! Yes."

"So, my intention here is to bring, bring the weight here. Go on top. So, I have to have my balance and my hands in between us to detach you from me, to keep you there. So now, I don't let you get closer. Even if you have, hug me closer. So, once I come here. Once I am here, I will start to stop you. Keep going! Oh, I have the block to go back to my position.


William Avatar
William commented:

This is very helpful. Thank you Master Rickson.

March 04, 2022 04:14 AM
Joseph Ciccarone Avatar
Joseph Ciccarone commented:

So helpful

March 03, 2022 01:56 PM
GalenJreen Avatar
GalenJreen commented:

Good one !

March 01, 2022 08:09 PM