Has jiujitsu ever saved your life?

John Danaher, I believe, once told Graciemag that he could point to four clear times jiujitsu had saved his life. Of course, working as a bouncer, that's easy enough to imagine. 

But jiujitsu can save you in ways other than the obvious one. Rickson Gracie, for example, tells in his memoir of the time he lost his surfboard and had to swim for hours to get back to shore. Would he have made it without his skills developed by and for jiujitsu?

Do you have a story of being saved by jiujitsu? We'd love to hear it.


Chaplain Steve McMeans Avatar
Chaplain Steve McMeans commented:

My experience is more recent. And very complicated.

I hope to talk about it on my YouTube channel, Steve McMeans--Unprofessional Philosopher.

I've practiced psychological warfare against Russian internet trolls since 2015. These same principles I was forced to use against my neighbor beginning in February right up to this weekend; he called me a pedophile and a faggot, neither of which I am.

He challenged me to a fight, which he promptly rescinded when I reminded him of the old Irish saying, "Never invite a man to a game of lions, when you've got no cubs to protect."

More later. Thank you Grandmaster and thanks to all your students who have taught me!

Chaplain Steve McMeans
Unprofessional Philosopher
Christianity Observed

August 21, 2022 08:59 AM
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maximus1969ad commented:

I seriously believe Jiu jitsu helped me beat cancer in 2014
in many different ways..... Im hoping to finish a book on the subject someday!

August 18, 2022 07:45 PM
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coachedgarkarim commented:

I got plenty of stories ; I am the head security at a high school here in Miami Florida , and I have broken many fights over a 20 year period. I been watching youtube videos of the entire Gracie family members .and now it has saved my life. there was an incident where 3 teenagers robbed a liquor store and came in our campus . I was able to restraint one while the police arrested the other 2 and came back for the one who I restrained. Jui Jitsu videos have changed my life for the better , thanks to the Gracie family!

August 15, 2022 06:46 AM