Have you been failing the most basic sweep? Maybe you need a little hand...

The Brazilian senator Arthur Virgílio Neto tells that, whenever he's having trouble, in the political or private sphere, he hears the voice of the late grandmaster Carlson Gracie, yelling, as in the old times of Gracie Academy: "Stay on top, Neto! Stay on top, Neto!"

A basic commandment of jiujitsu, but which often escapes us due to microscopic details invisible to the naked eye of mere mortals. 

It's what Master Rickson Gracie demonstrates in this recent lesson, where he teaches what to do to stop your lever from turning into a teeter-totter, and effectively conclude the sweep by catching the heel—one of the techniques that every beginner learns early on. 

Take note of Rickson's pointer, use the hand and... stay on top, reader friend. 


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William commented:

Awesome detail 💯

December 14, 2023 06:51 PM