How has jiujitsu made your life better?

In Elite Squad 2, a movie from 2010, the celebrated actor Wagner Moura plays a cop who doesn't get along with his family, doesn't understand his son's worldview and lives under breathtaking stress. 

But there are moments of tenderness and love: when father and son happily go to the jiujitsu mat, where the characters let down their guards, and respect and understand each other. 

The actors were trained for the scene with Master Rickson Gracie, who said, "I don't know whether they are great actors or great fighters, but I was impressed."

The father-son roll in the movie reminds me of the infinite role of jiujitsu as a mediator, capable of improving the lives of classes, individuals, entire families and even society as a whole. 

Among members of Rickson Academy, there are many life stories that inspire us. People who lost more than 30kg, young people who learned how to beat anxiety, relatives who started getting along, and people who recovered their self-esteem in some way. 

Do you have a good story of how jiujitsu improved your life? Share it with us. The best ones may become articles here at Rickson Gracie's online home.


Raul Avatar
Raul commented:

Hello Master Rickson, there have been so many benefits with Jiu Jitsu in my life, but the one I am very thankful for and was unexpected was how it improved my relationship with God. Knowing the human body and survival mindset of JJ and the 'I don't know what I'm going to do, but I will be ok' made me realize that no matter what obstacles I face God will be there, and calmness that Jiu Jitsu gives me lets me focus on the things in this world that really matter, not material things, but Life, Love, Family, Friends.... and Rolling :) Thank you for sharing your families art and improving lives.

September 01, 2022 11:20 AM
mileyondrumz Avatar
mileyondrumz commented:

BJJ has changed my life 180°. I used to cower in the face of stress, adversity, anxiety, and confrontation. When I was 40, we had our first baby, a son. I realized I knew nothing about protecting my family; at this time I was invited to train with Craig Husband, one of Rickson’s long time students; what an honor it has been. My journey is a complete 180°. It’s not about how many techniques I know, or principles, it’s an inner confidence I’ve never had before, which has bred a genuine humility in the face of adversity and confrontation, whether at work, with family, or driving down the road, I’m a new and different man.

August 28, 2022 12:34 PM
danbrown Avatar
danbrown commented:

JJ made me better by exposing weaknesses inside myself and in my physicality, and showed me how to strengthen them. It helped me bond with my son as we trained together, and now it's bonding me with my grand kids as we train together. Rickson Gracie Academy is bringing me a whole new level of motivation to train and improve. I'm working hard to heal old injuries to get back to the mat.

August 28, 2022 11:50 AM