How Helio shaped Rickson's views on life

December 2021 brought an opportunity for the Rickson Academy team to do a two-hour interview with the master. This generated a wealth of content and insight into his life and teaching philosophy, which will be split into multiple articles like this one. 

To kick off the series, we bring you Rickson talking about how his father, Helio Gracie, changed his views on life. Enjoy it below. 

"My father and my son, they gave me a good perspective of life itself. One, my father, he introduced me not only to jiu-jitsu, but to the conduct of a man—honor, integrity, respect, courage. So he gave me the meaning and the structure for me to build up myself and get where I wanna get, go to the highest level I can get based on that advice, based on those examples, based on the structure of becoming a Gracie. So he was the element of inspiration and guidance for me to become what I am. Without him, I would never become what I am, of course." 

Check back later for more—a lot more—straight from the master's mouth. 


Art Hoffart Avatar
Art Hoffart commented:

Qualities I also try to instill in my son..

January 25, 2022 02:03 PM
Serge Verne Avatar
Serge Verne replied:

I do the same for my son Ivan. He is not Carioca like you irmao, but he is half Russian. A Half of me. Abracao irmao. Serge

January 25, 2022 09:21 PM