How to beat a giant? Rickson teaches the concept

Once, Master Rickson Gracie was interviewed by several fighters for Gracie Magazine. It was the magazine's 16th issue, in 1998, and the heavyweight champion Otávio "Tatá" Duarte asked what would be the trick to beat the giants that haunted the rings around the planet—wrestlers like Mark Kerr and Mark Coleman, stars of American and Japanese vale-tudo.

Rickson then summed up what it takes to overcome a heavier, well-prepared opponent. A lesson you can use at various times, whether in the gym or metaphorically to improve your life.

"The main thing first is to be technically equipped to be able to defend yourself," Rickson said. "That happens starting from a good guard that minimizes dangers. From there, you have to make him expend more force than you do for the entire duration of the fight. There are a lot of strong, explosive fighters. However, if you don't give them time to rest and recover their stamina, their physical wear and tear will be too great. The path forward then is to move around, demand redoubled effort from the big guy and leave him panting."

In the following video, Rickson Gracie teaches a simple concept for you to expend minimal force, concentrating the energy of your foot, hip and arm until you tame your big opponent.


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William commented:

Excellent 🥋

August 22, 2023 01:23 PM
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danbrown commented:

Thanks Master Rickson. I was wondering What take downs are the best for getting a really big guy down?

August 19, 2023 03:31 PM