How your opponent's attack molds your guard

Strategy, a basic and essential concept of BJJ, is something so vital that it becomes a part of the way of life of the student, all day and in every situation. Whether you are in the gi at the gym or in a suit in your office, you will quickly learn that the more you use your strategic thinking, the better your chances of not failing.

According to Rickson Gracie and his vision of BJJ, strategy is what approximates the person to their best version. It's what allows them to quickly correct a movement, use a different approach from the one to which they're used, or even stop anger and other emotions from overriding their intelligence during the crunch. Think and act strategically, and you will indeed see surprising results. "Maximum efficiency with minimum effort," remember? Or did you forget the classic martial arts-related saying?

However, it's useless to understand the philosophy and not apply it to your training sessions. Watch how Rickson demonstrates that the guard must react, strategically, according to the opponent's attacking movement: "If the aggressor tries to beat you, use the knee. If I want to hug you, slide sideways to the back," he teaches. Think and study how to be more strategic, in life and at the gym.


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man... my God this jiu jitsu is truly on another level...

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where can i get private class with master rickson

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