Is elbow pressure annoying you? Learn how to escape it!

Have you ever trained with someone bothering you with the elbow on your neck?   

Watch in the following video master Rickson's solution for this typical problem. He will show how to position your arm and use your legs to escape this rough move. 

"If I am here in my guard, and a strong guy comes to put pressure on me, I may stretch a little bit to relieve but still a lot of pressure."

"If I try to push is hard. If I try to move is hard. So, what I want to do here is connect my energy from my hand to my foot. It can be anywhere on the floor. So I put my foot on the floor... now I am going to use my foot, my hip, and make sure his arm cannot go this way. The only thing I have to focus on is not letting him go this way."

"So, by putting my hand here, now I can easily escape. And then I am out of the position. I relieve the pressure on my neck."


Francisco  Avatar
Francisco commented:

Gracias Maestro! Simple and effective.

August 28, 2022 10:36 AM
Eddie Perez  Avatar
Eddie Perez commented:

Thank you Maestro. This a great technique for self-defense as it is a position a lot of smaller people might find themselves in.

August 25, 2022 01:40 PM