Jiujitsu teaches you not to waste time or ignore signs

When Rickson Gracie teaches jiujitsu, he's never only teaching a way of fighting, but a way of leading life. 

Once, during a basic lesson on attack and defense from the back-take with his wife Cassia, the master showed how jiujitsu can bring valuable knowledge to those who want to learn and teach how to live. 

Check it out, and learn the importance of keeping your balance (and your feet on the ground), see signs and never despair, even when someone tries to apply a rear naked choke and squeeze your little neck. Remember: in jiujitsu, as in life, there is always a less traumatic escape for everything, whatever the situation. 


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I've been trying to connect with Professor Rickson. Can somebody assist me???

April 13, 2024 11:24 PM