Learn the secret to avoid the cross collar choke

Rickson Gracie will show you how to avoid the cross collar choke from the closed guard in the following video. Learn where to position your head, place your hands, and how to distribute your body weight to escape the submission.      

"So, at this point, if I make a mistake, if I don't know how to place my arm, she starts to pull me, and I am in trouble. So, any time she grabs one hand, I already have an alert to keep away, to control the arm, but I have to be smart because sometimes… wait! She can just keep my arm straight, move your hip this way, and go for an armlock..." 

"So, I cannot be too much offering my arm. My idea of defending my neck is always on my head, and sometimes something can be complicated, and she can grab the head. Yes, grab, please. At this point, the most important thing for me is to keep my hands over, not under, because when she pulls in, my elbows are kind of getting caught so, do it again. So, I keep the collar, and then as she pulls, she is going to pull my... if you feel you let it go, Cássia. So, grab, immediately my hand is on top here!"


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