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Learn to breathe to gain power in jiujitsu, with Rickson Gracie

In the course of over two decades of deeply studying jiujitsu and testing it in practice as an undefeated MMA champion, Rickson Gracie realized that breathing is power. 

The master likes to pass on to his students everything he has learned about the use of the lungs as the propelling force of the limbs and muscles. To Rickson, inhaling and exhaling in a precise manner is the sail that makes the fighter accelerate and get much farther, in terms of performance and results.  

Learn, below, how to alter your breathing to prolong your strength and resistance as you practice jiujitsu. 


Joe Mendoza  Avatar
Joe Mendoza commented:

Breathing = Secret weapon. Thank you Master Rickson!

November 06, 2023 05:48 AM