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Practicing jiujitsu teaches you to breathe and find the way out in any situation

Master Rickson Gracie is wont to preach that people who practice jiujitsu learn to bear the unbearable, predict the unpredictable, and breathe when the air outside seems unbreathable. 

In theory, that seems hard to believe. But take a look at this little lesson in escaping the mount, where Rickson's student on the bottom has almost a hundred kilos pressing down on his chest. What to do?

Metaphorically, or not, move with wisdom, find the space to act and breathe relieved—as Rickson demonstrates, in practice, in the following snippet taken from one of our premium classes. 

Click here to watch the entire class.


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driberanebot commented:

Thanks a lot Master Rickson!!

June 20, 2023 09:52 AM