Rickson details common mistake by guard players

One of the laws of BJJ is: if you're unable to apply a basic position, for sure you're making a basic mistake. 

A mistake that, despite basic, may be almost imperceptible to the naked eye. 

That is why Rickson Gracie, jiu-jitsu scientist, teaches like a specialist in his lab—ready to demonstrate flaws, angles, details and microscopic strokes of skill. Which, in the end, make an enormous difference in your training. 

Check out below the most common mistake made by guard players who try to slide to the back, but end up frustrated and tired, back in the initial position. 

By the way, the technique is so basic and effective, that Rickson used it in 1980 in his vale-tudo debut to slide to the back of Zulu. And the details remain as useful as they have ever been. 

Enjoy your studies!


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