Rickson Gracie will teach the invisible details to escape the triangle choke.

The triangle choke is a powerful submission in jiu-jitsu, and if you don't know how to adjust yourself, you will tap or pass out fast. 

The choke concept is simple. You use the legs to trap your opponent's neck on a figure-four lock, generally with the arm inside. After that, it is just a matter of squeezing your knees, keeping the hips low, and, if necessary, pulling the head down to the finish.  

If you find yourself inside this strangle, you have a few seconds to work on the defense. You need not only timing but knowing the proper way to position yourself to escape the trap.

Watch the following video and learn from Rickson Gracie the invisible details to get out of the triangle and pass the guard. The master explains:     

"When I am about to lock if you put your chest under my... now I cannot lock it anymore. So, if you keep the pressure here the way you did, keep the balance, don't let me push, yes. So, it is hard for me to lock the leg. If you lower your head, it is easy for me to lock."

"So, open the chest again. Yes, yes. That's the first important thing for you, and then you are going to keep that posture, stay going higher a little bit on top of me, put your leg up, actually the other leg up, put your chest, yes! And keep it, and keep it, yes. And then the hand can start to bring, wait, both hands here on the chest, stretch a little bit, stretch your arms and bring your elbow inside... now you are free." 

"So, of course, you don't want to get caught in the triangle, and you don't want even to leave your arm inside here not attending. But, if the case and you get closed, to get the triangle choke around your neck. Go! The pressure is already here. So, go. Keep the pressure, and then eventually, once she doesn't have anything, you bring your elbow inside. Lock again, so the elbow now is free, and then you can pass the guard because you are free."

"So again, lock the triangle, good. When you lock the triangle, move your hip out a little bit. Go lock, Yes! Now is better for the choke. If you stay under me, grab again, I can talk, use the hold here, I can breathe, so you don't get a good triangle. So, move around, lock, see how my voice change? Push my arm down, push my arm down, and lock it, and grab my head. Yes, tight."

"So, now I have the defense. Keep going, pull my head. So now I put my whole body. Ok, now I stretch, elbow in, and pass the guard."


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