Rickson on benefits of BJJ and self-defense

If you or someone you know are thinking along the lines of why you should choose to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu over another martial art, or sport, or physical activity in general, then this one's for you. A student once asked Rickson Gracie, "What is the greatest thing BJJ has brought to you outside of the fighting and self-defense?" The master took just a couple of seconds to compile a very strong case:

"Jiu-jitsu gave me the sense of knowing myself, in depth, and how I can deal with my monsters, and how I can deal with the valuable things I have. It taught me how to be a humble guy. It taught me how to be grateful to life. So, without jiu-jitsu, I would not have the perspective of what I should be grateful for, or what I should be fighting as a monster in my mind.Β 

"So, through jiu-jitsu I could grow as a man, spiritually, mentally, physically. And now, I don't even fight anymore, and I'm still living and breathing jiu-jitsu every day of my life, in terms of: the mindset of a warrior sticks with me and gives me the chance to be the best I can be every day.Β 

"Even with injuries, even with limitations, I feel like this mindset gives me, always, the capacity to create a strategy to draw the best of me, or to find happiness, and to keep loving my life. So, all this, aside from fighting, aside from being a champion, is just something I get from jiu-jitsu experience which is priceless."Β 


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Thank you for your motivation and best regards βœŠπŸ•ΆπŸ‹πŸ“‘πŸ€

February 19, 2022 05:00 AM
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February 18, 2022 06:09 AM
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Just finished reading Ricksons book. Beautifully candid, educational, and just interesting! Should be required reading for every person new to jiu jitsu. Now exploring breathing better, meditation, and the art of remaining calm under pressure. Thank You!

February 15, 2022 04:22 PM