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Rickson will help you to refine your escape from the back-take

When someone takes your back, you have a few seconds to escape before you tap out. 

Knowing which side you must go to and how to position yourself to get there is crucial to surviving. Without the proper leverage, it is easy for your opponent to place you on the side they want. 

Watch master's Rickson explanation and learn how to avoid being tapped from the back.   

"So, you are going to be in bad trouble if you do not know how to put the leverage to the side you want. So, it is crucial for you as you feel... it is crucial for me to bring this leg aware of the situation and bring my weight to the side I want to go. Cause from here, I am able to kill the side and move, keep moving, and escape."

"Another important element for the escaping is... see, I am ready to go this way, so I bring my leg up because my weight goes this way. So now, I   will start to move my hip to escape. And, of course, she wants to mount. So, if I put my energy on this knee, it is not going to be enough to hold the mount. If I try just to resist, she can mount easy. So my elbow has to be between us here. If I have this elbow here... even if she comes on top, I am able to put in the guard."


William Avatar
William commented:

Excellent detail Master Rickson

July 28, 2022 10:06 PM
Raul Avatar
Raul commented:

the elbow to the floor has change mine defense success rate so much! Thank you grandmaster.

July 27, 2022 02:37 PM