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Simplify and learn, for good, maybe the most complex lever in jiujitsu

Once, Rodolfo Vieira, absolute world jiujitsu champion, told a curious reporter:

"When I was a brown-belt, I realized that I was already running over everyone, had gold medals in every event, but I still could not submit anyone with the armbar from the closed guard; it was something that haunted me. I needed to reflect, repeat it many times until I was able to apply the technique with more precision."

Rodolfo's case, of course, is not all that rare, given that the technique has some invisible details that young students many times don't observe—and, unlike the world champion, they leave it alone. 

Check out, in this little snippet, a valuable pointer so that you no longer have this ghost haunting your jiujitsu studies. If you want to watch the complete class click here!


William Avatar
William commented:

Excellent details Master Rickson!

June 12, 2023 03:40 PM