Stretch yourself before pulling the arm

Are you tired of trapping the arm and not getting the tap? Master Rickson Gracie will show you an efficient way to create the leverage you need to beat your opponent's defense against the arm attacks, opening opportunities to finish him.

"By stretching yourself before you pull, you are creating leverage with your whole body, so when she is laying down, she is using the legs, she is using the hips, and the back. If she keeps the head down and… tries just to pull back, she has only small muscles on the lower back. She is not using the body."  

"By opening your chest, increasing the core strength, and starting to use the legs... she can take it."
"So,  just for the beginning, the idea of using your posture, using the whole body to pull back the arm is crucial to open the options. If you don't know how to pull back, you cannot create options..."

"... to give you an idea, if I don't have posture here, I can really pull, and I have nothing because I am just using my lower back. So, in order for me to have more power, I have to stretch myself and then be able to use my whole body instead of using only the lower back. I am using the legs. I am using everything here."


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Very good! I had Felt This, but don't knew explain.

December 31, 2021 03:35 AM
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amazing detail

December 21, 2021 05:27 PM