The best mattress to help you sleep well and defeat insomnia

No, you are not alone while yawning: about 40% of the planet's population suffers from sleeping problems. Like an army of zombies that would make movies and series like "The Walking Dead" envious, today there are millions of insomniacs trying all they can think of to get a nap in and get rid of the dark circles under their eyes.

Most insomniacs already know that a weekly exercise routine could be their salvation… but who can go to the gym deprived of their rest?

To try to minimize the problem, some people are resorting to so-called sleep tourism. Instead of going sightseeing, partying or visiting ruins, a growing number of travelers choose their destinations based on the silence, the comfort of the bed and even the quality of the pillow.

In Coimbra, Portugal, a certain Sleep Spa is now a thing. The hotel has only 15 rooms, each with goose-feather pillows, beds identical to those of Sweden's royal family, and mattresses made from natural materials like horsehair, useful for absorbing sweat. "The feeling is that you are sleeping in the clouds," assure the administrators.

All expensive as hell, and worse, temporary: when he goes back to his stressful routine, surrounded by the sound of horns in the metropolis, how will this traveler sleep?

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote down the commandments for sleeping well, the tenth of which said, "Do not eat heavy things before bed." Perhaps the most useful and creative one is be the seventh:

"You must make peace with your demons and also with your neighbor's demons. Otherwise they will torment you in the night."

As you can see, fighting for your quality of sleep is like fighting for anything in life. It takes discipline, study, and a good dose of sweat—preferably on the jiujitsu mats, where the practitioner learns about themselves, balances body and mind, and forgets their problems for a few hours. As the saying goes, he who moves the body rests the mind.

If you are sleeping badly, change your habits, eat light meals, replace the coffee with relaxing chamomile and ginger teas, and, finally, buy a gi. The mat is surely one of the most suitable (and affordable) mattresses for you to annihilate your insomnia.

Check out a little training session led by Master Rickson Gracie to get your body sweating and empty your head of all problems.


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