The countermeasure to the straight ankle lock

How many times have you found yourself trapped in a straight ankle lock and didn't know what to do? Watch this lesson by Rickson Gracie and learn how to defend against it. It is a simple answer from the master:

"When I grab your leg and go for the foot, you want to use your elbow to take... don't let me control here. Yes! Now, you control my leg, and you will move this hand on the floor to move your butt over my leg. Keep moving, keep moving. Yes! Because you don't want to move and keep your hip in that direction. Because now you are giving me a chance to squeeze. As you move, you want to put your hip this way, so looking that way and your butt comes first, comes first. Yes, yes"!


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December 23, 2021 01:04 AM
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Love it. Thank you

December 17, 2021 01:01 PM
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December 17, 2021 07:05 AM