The jiujitsu defense that every kid should know in elementary school

Childhood bullying continues to be a problem that scares, confronts—and steals the lunch of—educators worldwide. Until now, governments and educators have tried to fix it with high doses of punishment for  the bullies—which, let's face it, hasn't changed at all in 50 years; it just moves the problem to another classroom, school or neighborhood. 

The French psychologist Emmanuelle Piquet, a specialist in school bullying and author of more than ten books on the subject, has been pointing to the mistake in this way of facing the matter: instead of punishing the aggressors, the solution would be to empower, listen to and support the victims. In the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Piquet gave her suggestion of a wiser, more effective and more profound measure against the problem: 

"It would be for us to take 20% of the toughest schools and train two people per school, with seriousness, so they become references for the kids that are being bullied, support and care for them, help them defend themselves."

For a hundred years the Gracie family has been supporting, caring for and offering skills to the weak, with jiujitsu techniques that save lives and give psychological and moral strength to so many teenagers around the globe. 

Learn here one of Rickson Gracie's techniques that every child should practice before being let loose at recess, and don't deny your kids the most effective bullying antidote in existence.


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Very good! I'm going to show my kids this move. Thanks

February 12, 2024 01:36 PM