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The perfect prototype of a fighter, per Rickson Gracie

Some time ago, Master Rickson Gracie received the visit of a dear "nephew."

It was the brown-belt Rayron Gracie, son of Ryan, a cousin whom Rickson respects and loves a great deal.

After the training sessions and conversations between the two, the master praised the boy and raised an interesting question about the training and development of young athletes who reach the professional category.

"The perfect prototype of a champion looks a lot like what I see in Rayron," Rickson commented. "He has a great personality, he is a tough fighter, respectful and passionate about training."

To Rickson, such ingredients are some of the main ones for making a successful athlete. A passion for what they do, not being afraid of hard work, not accepting defeat, being calm and controlling emotions when fighting.

Other useful attributes, according to Rickson, include being an honorable, respectful person with a positive attitude at all times.

What is missing, then, for the promising and winning young talent in the colored belts to become a super-champion?

Rickson sums it up well:

"In the end, what is missing is experience. The brown belt and colored belt universe is very different from the black belt division," warns Rickson.

According to Rickson, when entering the black-belt world, any young athlete faces severe obstacles. Such as: the very low error rate of the opposition; the psychological destabilization; the lack of action; the malice; the strategic advantages; and the stalling.

"Before arriving at the elite division, good fighters play open, to finish, and the fight ends up being more direct," Rickson compares. "The black belt, on the other hand, is the category of the detail chasers, the snipers who don't forgive a mistake."

If they want to reach the top, therefore, a practitioner needs to be mindful of the details. Like in this video, in which Rickson teaches one of his tricks to pass the guard. If you want to watch the entire class click here.


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