The power of the hips for sweeping in jiujitsu

Master Rickson Gracie is a tireless defender of the basic positions, precise angles and invisible details that make jiujitsu the perfect activity for any age. The Gracie philosophy is: with sharp technique any person can lift the world, let alone a heavier opponent. 

In this lesson below, Rickson demonstrates that in practice as he corrects a mistake that's among the most common in jiujitsu training. 

Check out how the master triples the force of his lever with simple positioning on the mat, and is thus able to land on top of anyone. 


Wahib Salha Avatar
Wahib Salha commented:

maaaaaaaannnnn... hahaha I have to laugh coz the details are so little that only Rickson would know how to show it. Thanks Grand Master Rickson.

April 10, 2024 08:59 PM