The practical power of jiujitsu in your life

Why does the world today seem so fragile and inconsistent compared to the time of our parents? Apart from the constant sense of urgency and the high pressure caused by technology, there's a new element in daily life that has been significantly influencing people's mental state. As was noted by David Niven, the psychologist and social scientist, we live in unstable times at almost all levels—personal and professional, with a high degree of competitiveness in any sector of our lives. Today, more than ever, he who doesn't possess competence doesn't establish himself—and loses his post in days, maybe hours. Right there, probably, dwells the reason for so much anxiety. 

But there is good news in all of that. Competence, nowadays, depends more and more on you, on individual talent, on a person's perseverance, on each human's self-confidence and peace of mind. Success, thus, is less dependent on the goodwill of a boss who's inaccessible in some distant skyscraper. 

And there is the power of jiujitsu, more evident now than ever. The art and the teachings cultivated like orchids by masters like Rickson Gracie instill determination and courage in individuals, who go on to master a rare knowledge: the art of never giving up. 

What the training sessions with Rickson teach is that there is always an exit, that a detail or a quick change in approach can destroy any obstacle—and show the way forward. Both on the mats and in life. 

Now learn, with this quick lesson on the hook sweep by Rickson Gracie, a practical example for you to remove even the most solid of obstacles, and win no matter the difficulties. Oss!


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