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The technique by Rickson that made quick work of Chuck Norris

In the eighties, Chuck Norris, the actor and black-belt in judo and karate, visited Rio de Janeiro. A celebrated artist since his films with Bruce Lee came out in the seventies, Norris wanted to test himself in the famous Gracie Academy of which he'd heard so much. 

The American trained with Rickson, fell asleep to Helio Gracie's choke, and was awestruck. Back in Las Vegas, he invited the Gracies to a big seminar for his friends and students. 

The episode took place in 1988, and Rickson went over it in his book, Breathe

"I let him close the distance and throw a kick," wrote Rickson, "but I got him in clinch, took him down, and had him in a choke in about a minute."

Norris tapped out, to the surprise and applause of the audience. 

Remember Rickson and Chuck's friendly training session:


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