The upa's power to let you find lightness in the crunch

One of the most valuable things we learn from our first day in jiujitsu is that, no matter the size of the problem, there is always a safe—or at least smarter—way out at our disposal. You just have to know it and have the calm to find it. 

Because of that, when you seem to be crushed, Rickson Gracie has a couple of simple, effective tips. The first measure to escape the squeeze is to breathe, and keep your brain working and your heart tranquil. 

The second, after breathing, is to position yourself intelligently to escape. 

Check out in this common example, with Rickson and Cassia Gracie, a defense situation where jiujitsu opens up the paths, and how a simple upa is enough for you to free yourself from your opponent's weight and make them—and your problems—a little lighter. 


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