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Turn a pull into a takedown

In the following video, Master Rickson will show how to use your opponent's energy against them if they try to pull you during the clinch. 

So, every time you feel your opponent pulling you, you go immediately for the single-leg takedown. How? Well, after watching the following lesson and learning the master’s details, you shouldn't have any problem executing this move.

To take your training partner down, you need to make sure to use your shoulder against their chest as you go to take their leg. This way, you will make them lose their base and can pick the leg up easier. 

But, if you are facing someone with a better base, and it is hard to grab the leg, you must use your head and arms as you drive your shoulder against your opponent’s chest. This way, you can drive your training partner in the opposite direction you are grabbing his leg, making the takedown easier. 

If you want to watch the entire class, click here. This video is part of the “Master’s Tips” program.

Keep training hard!


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September 18, 2022 10:00 AM