Why are so many people who practice jiujitsu successful?

Right at the start of his book "The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People," as secret No. 9, David Niven points out that it's impossible to live without conflict. People, he writes, are different from one another; they have different histories, habits, values, tempers. In any place where people spend time together and have common objectives, especially in a family or at work, conflicts are inevitable. 

It will all depend, therefore, on whether the person faces confrontation in a negative way, running away like a cat from cold water, or has a calm, positive posture when it comes to the inevitable shock of ideas. 

Studies cited by Niven in the same chapter indicate that hiding from discussions and debates is the quickest path to resentment, tension and the breakdown of a relationship, professional or otherwise. And then a breakup is very possible. 

A person who practices jiujitsu learns from day 1, in their first self-defense lesson, to face challenges with their head held high. And they begin to see naturally that seeking to impose themselves does not mean they have to step on anybody. 

In order not to let emotions and contradictory feelings boil inside you until the anger spills over, breathe and seek the best conciliatory solution for everyone: give jiujitsu class a chance. 


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