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Grand Master Helio Gracie's cross-choke

Have you still not mastered Helio Gracie’s cross-choke?

To the great champion and teacher Helio Gracie, the choke from the guard with the adjustments he used was one of the most useful resources in Jiu-Jitsu. And he proved it by using this choke against some of the strongest Japanese fighters he faced. But are you already able to execute the maneuver without wasting the opportunity offered by your opponent?
According to Rickson Gracie, the big secret to Helio’s choke from the guard is the speed with which the collar is controlled, and the space Helio used to create for his hands to do their job. The hands go very deep in, almost touching each other, as pointed out by Rickson in another exclusive Rickson.Academy video. 
Check out an appetizer to help you brush up on Helio Gracie’s cross-choke.