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Who are today's samurai? Rickson reflects

An undefeated fighter and master possessing a legendary aura, Rickson Gracie has long been seen as a samurai of the modern era and a superhero for BJJ lovers.

These days, however, his mission is showing that BJJ is not for superheroes, it's not for the warriors in the rings. It is, rather, a perfect art for everyone who seeks to have a more peaceful life amidst the chaos that the world so often becomes.

In a recent interview, Rickson spoke of the usefulness of BJJ for the modern heroes, the new samurai that are among us.

“Jiu-Jitsu is full of concepts that offer the students a lot of intelligence, a lot of situations to replace power, speed, and athleticism”, Rickson said. “So in order for this to be accurate and effective, Jiu-Jitsu has to return to the concepts of self-defense that can be used by fighters, like I used all my life and that can be used by average Joes. Because the modern warrior of today is not a warrior with a glove or with a sword or with a gun. He is a warrior with a pencil, he is a warrior who is a judge, policeman, fireman, nurse, or a doctor.”

“Those are the modern warriors who have to represent some kind of victory in their own fields,” he added. “All of those elements of conquering, no matter if it’s an objective or an opponent, the more elements that are relevant for martial arts that are put in place, the better you will be in your results to overcome everything.”

If you want to be a modern warrior, and your own hero, study Jiu-Jitsu.