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BJJ on a mission to Antarctica

One time, the experienced teacher and microbiologist Luiz Rosa was on his way to Antarctica, for another mission, when he heard a piece of advice from a commander of the Brazilian Navy, which he never forgot: “Rosa, let’s get ready for the worst. Because if the worst comes, we’re ready. If it doesn’t, we’re doing great.”

Master Rickson Gracie, that we know of, has never been to Antarctica, but he is a true believer of this philosophy. He goes further: practicing jiu-jitsu is the most fun, healthiest way to drill this mantra into your mind, for your whole life. Whether on the polar ice, at the office or at the bus stop, a jiu-jitsu enthusiast will always be a specialist in “finding comfort in discomfort,” as Rickson says, and will always be experienced in “the art of being ready for the unpredictable,” another expression dear to Rickson. 

Check out, in this practical lesson, how precaution is always the first line of defense in BJJ. 


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