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Can working with jiujitsu be the perfect job?

What makes a job profitable, pleasurable and challenging to the same degree? What makes a business a success for both its owners and the public?

The old surfer Jorge Paulo Lemann and his partners and mega-entrepreneurs, Carlos Alberto Sicupira and Marcel Telles, once laid out their basic business principles and values, across 18 items. 

It's impressive how practically every commandment is intimately connected to what a good teacher needs in order to be the administrator of a good jiujitsu school. Let's go over the main ones. 

* A big, challenging dream makes everybody row in the same direction. 

* Good people, working as a team, growing by the measure of their talent and being rewarded for it, is a company's best asset. 

* Focus is essential. You can't be excellent at everything; one must focus on the essential. 

* Everything has to have a boss with responsibility and authority. Debating is healthy, but in the end somebody has to decide. 

* Common sense is as good as great knowledge. The simple is better than the complicated. 

* Picking better people than themselves, training them, challenging them and keeping them is the main task of administrators. 

* Leadership by personal example is vital, both in heroic acts and in small day-to-day gestures. 

* Luck is always the result of sweat. You must work a lot, but with joy. 

* Innovation is useful, but copying what works well is usually more practical. 

* Self-perfecting, improvement and education are constant efforts and must be present in our daily routine. 

* Name, reputation and brand are valuable assets that are built across decades and are lost in days. 

* Cheating and shortcuts destroy a company from within. Ethics pays off in the long run. 

How about your team? Does it have similar values? Oss...


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August 21, 2022 07:07 AM
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Excellent article! Thank you. You’re also describing a chapel or a monastery 📿🤓🐺💙🙏☦️Chaplain Steve

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