How BJJ could save 600,000 lives a year

According to the World Health Organization, about 645,000 people lose their lives every year for a seemingly dumb reason: falls, accidents with fatal consequences that often happen at home.  

It is as if, starting at a certain age, gravity, every human's old acquaintance, became a terror to humanity. 

The causes of this serious problem are, of course, multiple and varied. 

Drops in blood pressure, potholes, poor eyesight, a lack of attention to danger (climbing tall places without the proper safety measures, for example). A big part of the problem, however, comes from the weakening of the legs and a lack of strengthening of the muscles and bones. 

Studies say that people older than 65 are by far the ones who suffer the most deadly falls. 

Can you imagine if these thousands of people could train their balance, coordination and leg strength, regularly, with stimulating, fun and invigorating exercises? Can you imagine if all these sixty-somethings knew our jiu-jitsu?

Check out the number-one lesson by Master Rickson Gracie on base and balance, useful to students of all ages who don't wish to drop to their deaths. 


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