How to make your kids give jiujitsu a chance

Talking to your little ones about jiujitsu can be as simple as a good cartoon. Parents, for example, could simply cite the huge platoon of heroes who have learned martial arts, such as Batman, Robin, Sherlock Holmes, Captain America, Elektra, Shaquille O'Neal, Kelly Slater, and Demi Lovato.

Another convincing method of introducing martial art to the little ones is perhaps the one adopted by Master Renzo Gracie when he would say at home, joking as usual: "Would you prefer to be afraid of another child or be the one everyone respects?"

There are, however, far more serious, useful, and lasting benefits for young people who practice jiujitsu that go beyond copying their superheroes or escaping bullies.

In jiujitsu, the youngster is having fun while thinking they are learning to fight, when in reality they are learning life lessons that will pay off down the road. The child who trains, in fact, not only gains the power not to fall or not to be pushed, but gains confidence, the ability to raise their finger and express themselves without fear, the courage to approach someone, the power to walk with their head held high. And the certainty that there is no place they can't go and no dreams they can't reach.

Now leave your cape and mask behind, grab your gi, and good training.

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fvrp730 commented:

Amazing message and point of view, thank you. Great advices and most of all a conversation between children and parents that can lead to our children choosing to have fun learning a superpower that will supercharge the direction they choose for their life.

Thank you Professor Rickson G.

May 18, 2023 03:04 PM