The discreet sound of the effectiveness of Rickson's jiujitsu

A few years ago, a Brazilian black-belt decided to travel to Japan to visit the legendary Kodokan School, where Jigoro Kano and Mitsuyo Maeda started to change the history of martial arts.

The Brazilian's fascination was great, especially when he observed the training of the most experienced masters. While the young guard was fighting and polishing their takedown game, in a more discreet corner of the revered dojo, some red-belts were practicing the art of... rolling. The goal, according to the Brazilian visitor, was to perform the sweet and gentle roll in absolute silence. 

"The more perfect the technique when falling, the lower the effort and consequently the noise of the movement," a white-haired Japanese judoka explained to him.

Curiously, Rickson Gracie's game can also be flashy and aesthetic, but with an immense discretion—in the sound aspect and especially in how it looks. The master is able to demonstrate such minute technical details, that it is easier to hear them than to see them with the naked eye.

Check out, below, a silent and almost invisible detail of Master Rickson's guard-passing. And good studies.

This is an excerpt from a complete lesson that you can find in the Fundamentals program.  


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Love it

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Chi sao with the thighs .

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Básico e eficiente

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