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How to use the advice you get to your advantage

It felt dishonest to call this article "The best advice Rickson ever got," as he's about to tell you. But it did originate from a question from a reader who was looking to extract that relic from the master's memory. A noble attempt indeed. 

Here's what Rickson Gracie had to say about baking decades of stellar advice into the cake that is a victorious life:

"The best advice I ever got? Must come from my dad. Let me just think a little bit. I think... The best advice I ever got. That's a good question, because I actually have to search for an answer. 

"That's a good question, because I feel like it's not exactly one advice; it's not one moment for me to remind me in a special situation. I feel like being intelligent makes you able to capture everything that brings you advantage, everything which can allow you to grow—spiritually, mentally or physically. 

"In my life, I received so many good advices in terms of how to eat properly, how to put myself in terms of facing the problems. So I have advices in the mental aspect, in the spiritual aspect, how I have to accept death in my life, how I have to eat properly, how I have to be able to capitalize on my opponent's mistakes. 

"So, all those elements... I can have great advice on the physical aspect, on the mental aspect, emotional and spiritual aspect. So I basically have many good advices and I capture all of them. I cannot relate myself to one special advice that makes the difference in my life."


Serge Verne Avatar
Serge Verne commented:

Fala dear Rickson, OK I understand your answer here. Let me ask you for an advise, or advise you got, to how to deal with loved one death. As a Jiu Jitsu practitioner that loss is unimaginable. In JJ you have another day to fight. In death of a loved one, you don’t get another chance. With love and admiration. Serge Verne DDS MD

July 21, 2022 04:07 PM
Chaplain Steve McMeans Avatar
Chaplain Steve McMeans replied:

Dr. Verne,

First let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I've lost someone, several someone's, but specifically my niece. I'm speaking as a Chaplain, and this is only MY opinion, but I feel entitled.

I think that love never dies. It loses physical form but changes. And it changes us.

Master Rickson was changed into a kind of spiritual/life guide to those of us who need him. My sister became an accomplished yogi. Some become something worse than they were--their spirits shrink, and they accept darkness.

I rarely pray for healing for myself. I pray for endurance. I pray both for you.

With love,

Chaplain Steve McMeans
The Unprofessional Philosopher
Christianity Observed

August 02, 2022 09:02 AM
Serge Verne Avatar
Serge Verne replied:

Dear Chaplain McMeans. First of all thank you for your prayers, and your love for a brother in Faith of Jesus
As to my question, I had for Rickson, it had to do with his loss of his beloved son Rockson.
Rickson been my spiritual guide since 1994. And specially after Pride 1, in 1997, in Japan , when I had a chance to spend time with him and his family. That talk with Rickson inspired me for many years. Gave me strength to fight through many challenges of life.

August 02, 2022 01:03 PM
Chaplain Steve McMeans Avatar
Chaplain Steve McMeans replied:

Forgive the presumption Doctor. I’ve been reading through Rickson’s book (again and again), and was particularly amazed at how he demonstrates the ability to see this idea (love never dies—it changes and changes us). That he describes building a treehouse, how his other children changed and reacted, these things give me hope. And these days, I can use all the hope I can get. I’m guessing we all can. Ooss!

Chappy Steve +

August 02, 2022 04:17 PM