Learn to be connected to the ground to defend masterfully

When an aggressor shows up in front of you, who is your most important ally, who's always available?

You're mistaken if you think that ally is a collar, a winning lock or even a cool mind to react. The first and most important ally, from your first minute of practicing jiujitsu, is the ground. And what's better: it will be close 99% of the time. 

For that reason, Rickson draws attention to the connection and the correct positioning in relation to the ground or mat. Yes, because even before you position yourself in relation to the brute, you will have to pay attention, in an invisible and automatic way, to how you're connected to the supporting surface. Without using your foot adequately, you will waste all of your leverage and will be unlikely to escape without burning up energy. 

Check out this nearly invisible technique by Rickson and improve your self-defense.


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Rarife Matos commented:

Great lesson!

December 28, 2023 02:29 PM