Why practicing jiujitsu is as good as 50 courses in strategy and leadership

The thesis that Master Rickson Gracie strives to prove daily on the mat, to his students, is that the constant study of jiujitsu forges people who are better prepared for life. 

And that can be attested in the simplest teachings, in the smallest technical details. Like, for example, in a counterattack against an aggressor where Rickson aims not for an arm or a neck, but for the nose as his main target. 

The nose as target proves how effectiveness can be found in the least likely places. Moreover, it proves that every problem or obstacle has a weak point or unbalancing factor; you just need observation and the right approach. 

The great leader or strategist, in the end, will be the one who expends the least energy with the most efficiency until they conquer their goals. Even if, to do that, they must grab the bull by the nose. 

Check out Rickson's lesson with Cassia Gracie, and learn about defending and about tactics for all situations. Oss...


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January 10, 2024 09:59 AM
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Disciplina, perseverança, humildade e superação. Isso a gente aprende na prática com o jiu-jitsu. Oss!

December 24, 2023 05:06 PM