Orlando Cani's influence on Rickson's career (part 2)

After having a brutally hard time beating King Zulu in his vale-tudo debut, Rickson's search for growth eventually led him to Orlando Cani, who was developing a system of movement later named bioginástica. In a recent interview, we got Rickson talking about the influence Cani had on his life. Check out below part 2 of what he had to say, and catch part 1 here if you missed it. 
“If your situation is coming from the brain perspective—anxiety, depression, nervousness or whatever comes from emotion—you can deal with it with breathing to meditate, to become more spacey, to become more internalized, and calm your emotional aspect. 

“So Orlando gave me a tool which I use daily, from the day he taught me up to today, in different missions, different purposes. But that kind of gave me something which I value as the most important treasure I ever got. So, my father gave me knowledge, gave me character, gave me guidance, gave me support, gave me love. Orlando gave me all this perspective of understanding how to function in my lungs, my breathing and, through that knowledge, activate my brain to my best and also keep myself able to hyperventilate and to be capable to endure much longer than I used to do without breathing. 

“Even though I've always been an athlete, learning how to breathe, maximizing yourself, I feel like after Orlando's experience, I grew, from what I was, at least 40 percent plus, which is a huge rate for a top athlete. So, I was already 16 to 17 years old, having a high performance; when I learned from Orlando, I added 40 percent, which was huge for me. And I felt like my life changed after that. So Orlando is a mentor, is a master, is a friend, is a good person who, God bless him... and it's just good props on him. Just a super guy.”


JJ Avatar
JJ commented:

I was told i need to work on my breathing... Luckily there are videos here. Thank you very much for this Sir.

April 22, 2022 11:04 AM
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Austin commented:

I'm curious. if a modern BJJ athlete wanted to learn Orlando's style. where would you point them? I personally already do yoga including the breathwork and meditation. I'm curious how different Orlando's approach is and how to access it?

April 20, 2022 06:24 AM