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Rickson on the benefits of blindfolded training

A recent series of articles shed light on Rickson Gracie's experience in his last MMA match, where a strike by his opponent left him temporarily blind.

We followed up with a question about whether he thinks a student can improve by training with a blindfold. He had this to say:

"In terms of training, practice, I recommend everything for you to develop your senses. So blinding yourself, covering your eyes, is very good, because once you're blind, everything's gonna be more developed—your senses of gripping, weight distribution... 

"So you're not gonna be as aggressive, you're not gonna have the objective to really fight seriously. You're gonna fight more in a playing mode, not exactly to put a hundred percent; it's about developing your sensitivity. 

"So blind yourself and start to play; you're gonna start to feel different elements that were not there before, because you're already seeing and expecting, and visualizing. 

"So once you take the vision away, you develop a lot of sensorial aspects within the fight."


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