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The 1st lesson on neck defense

There is, within the unending arsenal of techniques of jiu-jitsu, a simple, effective move that many students forget to use, either for lack of knowledge or of attention. It is, in fact, such a simple, instinctive action, that it ends up being underestimated. 

Rickson Gracie, specialist of the minutiae and almost invisible aspects of self-defense, wasn’t going to miss this one. Here he teaches one of the very first moves a white-belt should learn in order to keep their neck always quite safe, no matter the threat.


Denny Prokopos Avatar
Denny Prokopos commented:

Grandmaster I have never seen this taught is way. Thank you for your invisible details 🥋❤️

July 30, 2021 04:20 AM
nickosvilly Avatar
nickosvilly commented:

Excellent. Thank you Master Rickson 🙏

July 30, 2021 01:36 AM
Pablo González Avatar
Pablo González commented:

Excellent!!! Very useful self defense move

July 29, 2021 10:36 PM
Jake  Avatar
Jake replied:

Very good thanks.

July 30, 2021 01:07 PM