Use your guard to defend yourself

Even though you cannot use strikes in jiu-jitsu competitions, we must learn how to combine them with the guard to protect ourselves in unpredictable situations. 

In the following video, master Rickson will show how to position yourself and use your legs when facing an aggressor from the bottom.  

"If you feel I am approaching, you want to hit me. Good. From here, for example, I can hit you. Kick. You can't. So, you don't want to wait for me in that situation where I can hit you, and you cannot hit me."

"Bring your legs closer to you, closer, closer. Yes! Because now, in order for me, don't move! To hit, she already has the distance to hit me back. So she can hit me ahead of me."

"So, if you keep your arms and legs closer to you, every time I come to hit, you have the opportunity to hit me first. Okay? So the time is in your favor when your legs are tight on you. Good. So I have no distance, yes! Teeter totter, put your hands on the floor to help, yes. Stop! Bring your, yes. Good."


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Gratidão pelo compartilhamento de seus ensinamentos!

August 18, 2022 09:47 AM